Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Error Code 0x8002801c

Hi all

I work for a small software company and we are having a few issues with an in-house product running in Vista, we are in the preliminary stages of testing our software with Vista anyway.

While running one of our programs we get to a point at which it is asking us to register the comdlg32.ocx. We try this and get the attached error.error code 0x8002801c

We have googled this error and it suggests not having permissions to amend/write to the registry. Although we have tried the "run as administrator" option, logging into Vista as a known administrator.

We have also tried using RegMon to see which parts of the registry are being accessed when we run our software, in the attempt of going into the registry and checking the permissions on those areas. Unfortunately there were just too many areas being accessed when the program was opened.

Obviously your not going to know how the in-house product works, I just thought I would try and ask someone if they have had this error before under different circumstances and what they tried to fix it.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. This is a very common question believe it or not!"
error code 0x8002801c regsvr32 is usually caused when your computers registry system contains errors or when certain system files are missing or broken; error code 0x8002801c regsvr32 is a sign of a very unhealthy computer registry... Most errors are caused by poor maintenance of your PC. But no-fear, repairing your error code 0x8002801c regsvr32 can be just as simple as following these 4 easy steps below:
1. Download the error code 0x8002801c regsvr32 Repair Tool
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2. Click "Save File" and follow the simple installation instructions.
3. Scan your computer with the RegCure application.
4. Click the "Fix Errors" button to repair error code 0x8002801c regsvr32.  error code 0x8002801c

Notice: If your PC operating system is 64bit or higher, please click here to download our recommended 64bit version only.

Why Do Errors Happen?
There's actually a number of reasons why these annoying little errors happen, but the most common, is caused when new programs are installed over all old ones and the old ones are not completely uninstalled 100%, causing registry pile ups and of course, getting error messages. Another reason, is damage that's been done by malware/spyware/adware programs, attaching themselves to your PC and wrecking havoc, deleting crucial files from your PC. error code 0x8002801c

99% of the time, a program called Regcure, designed just for this specific reason, so you don't have to pay some geek like us $90hr to fix your PC, can be used to repair all of your computer's missing or broken DLL files. Regcure looks over your computer's registry system and repairs the following: Internet Explorer errors, ActiveX errors, Javascript and scripting errors, C++ errors, EXE/ DLL/ OCX/ INF/ VXD errors and more. Not to mention, fine tune your PC for maximum performance...
"that's why we recommend it!" error code 0x8002801c

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