Monday, October 17, 2011

Fever Blisters Home Remedies

Fever Blisters Home Remedies

Did you know that there is a fever blister home remedies that can help reduce your cold sores? Natural remedies are popular because they require little money invested, and because they are safe to use. Prescription drugs for some people, but sometimes they also cause allergic reactions.

Not only can over the counter drugs are dangerous, but can also be very expensive. Some of these products can range from $ 15 USD $ 7 dollars. If you're like most people and does not have that kind of money then it is suggested to start with products with low cost and accessible, you may already have at home.

Advantage of using home remedies for fever blisters on you is that you probably already have these items around your house somewhere. If not, you can easily borrow from a relative or friend. Home remedies are also more gentle on the skin, so you do not have to worry about irritation on your lips.

Fever Blisters Home Remedies # 1

Grape Fruit Extract: Grape fruit extract can be a bit 'strong, so it stings a little.' This extract is known to kill bacteria and cysts to improve faster than other OTC drugs.

Fever Blisters Home Remedies # 2

Salt and water: This may seem a bit 'silly, but the truth is that in fact it does not cure the infected area in the mouth. Pour a little 'salt in a cup of warm water and stir. When you mix a drink and gargle a bit ', then throw it away. When you pull it off, pat the blister with a little water and leave it there. Do this a couple of times a day. What the extract of grape fruit, this blend is a little 'sting.

Fever Blisters Home Remedies # 3

Ice cubes: Ice cubes are often used for injury to prevent swelling. Well, the same can be said for cold sores. By applying an ice cube you want to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the mouth. Also, if you apply ice a blister before it develops fully, the change in temperature causing it to not develop at all.

As you can see here, fever blisters home remedies are popular because they require little investment. These are just some of the most common cold remedies can harm you in the house.

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