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Stomach Tumor Symptoms

Stomach Tumor Symptoms

Cancer is the abnormal growth or malignant cells. When this happens in the stomach, it is designated as the stomach or gastric cancer, and is characterized by the growth of certain cancer cells in the stomach. For a proper understanding of this cancer, we should look to the stomach. The stomach has three layers of tissue are mucous, muscular and serosa which is within the middle and outside, respectively. More Stomach Tumor Symptoms

Go to the types of stomach cancer, we gastric adenocarcinoma, also known as glandular cancer. Other forms of stomach cancer, which is very rare include lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymphatic system and sarcoma, a cancer that affects the connective tissues such as fat, blood vessels and muscles.

One thing about stomach tumor or cancer is that it can affect the nearby lymph nodes. For example, it can grow on the outer layer of the stomach and spread to surrounding tissues, including the intestine, pancreas and esophagus. It can also spread by blood to other vital organs like the liver, lungs and so on. Some patients have had a stomach tumor spreads through the lymphatic system, which affects all nodes. When the gastric tumor spread this way, cancer cells form in its origin, not the destination. For example, when he goes to the liver, not liver cancer, but the cells that grow are those of stomach cancer. Stomach tumor symptoms continued:

There are several symptoms of stomach cancer. Some of the most common symptoms are noticed slight nausea, Heart Burns, slight discomfort during swallowing and stomach bloated stomach after eating. At a later stage, patients have unexplained weight loss, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, swallowing problems occur, and blood in the stool. Some of stomach ulcer or infection can have symptoms similar to those mentioned above and you should consult a doctor to see if they have cancer or diseases of this.

When it comes to abdominal cancer prognosis, depending on which phase is detected. Early diagnosis can increase the chances of recovery will be too late to reduce these opportunities. It could be, but rarely cured. Cancer treatment, the approach used will depend on many factors such as location and size of the tumor, the patient's general health status and stage of it. Common to the general methods of cancer treatment are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological therapy. Stomach tumor symptoms in conclusion.

Finally, the risk factors that normally increase the chances of developing this cancer is a chronic gastritis - gastritis, smoking, men, gastric polyps, intestinal metaplasia, pernicious anemia, aging, gastric infection Helicobacter pylori, eating very salty, smoked or foods that are poorly preserved and hereditary factors. That's all for this addition of stomach tumor symptoms.

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