Monday, October 17, 2011

What Causes Bloating In Women

Here is what causes bloating in women: Most women want to be the perfect hourglass shape that will never change shape or size, no matter what we eat (within reason) and what time of the month it is. Unfortunately, this does not matter, as we all more or less swell during menstruation, and the stomach has a tendency to inflate all kinds of reasons without notice. Sometimes the swelling can increase your waist size or dress size quite a few centimeters. It 's always unpleasant, and can often be very painful too. The causes of swelling in the abdomen is large and varied and may include some or all of the seven reasons listed below. More on what causes bloating in women below:

The first menstrual cycle is one of the biggest culprits, but when the bleeding starts, swelling usually decreases. In this type of bloating, it is not only the stomach area that is affected, but also my hands and feet, making it a rough feel uncomfortable, which increases the average woman is feeling irritable, that time of the month.

Second Another well-known cause of bloating of the stomach is irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, like many women suffer. IBS is said to be caused by disease of the intestines, but in fact, doctors do not really know the exact cause and therefore a variety of symptoms have been merged, and if you have a number of them, you will generally be diagnosed with IBS, when other diseases were excluded.

3. What we eat has a direct impact on the amount that suffer from bloating. For example, too much fat results in discomfort, swollen half the time, because our digestive system takes much longer to break down fats that other compounds, which have a greater likelihood of gas produced.

4. Not eating enough protein, especially if the diet is another cause swelling. Other symptoms of protein deficiency is an enlarged abdomen, leg swelling and skin dry and flaky.

5th Surprisingly, the parasites are another source of swelling of the stomach - and, more surprisingly, it's not so hard to be infected with certain types of parasites. Do not wash our fruits and vegetables, and / or eating salads in restaurants are easy entry points in the body of these nasty insects.

6. Allergy or sensitivity to certain foods definitely causes bloating and gas formation in the stomach. The first of these is lactose intolerance, which includes all dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. This form of bloating may even cause acute and severe. Other food products known to be the culprits are wheat and sugar. Continued what causes bloating in women:

Some seventh individual foods that are familiar are bloating legumes of any kind, such as beans and lentils, raw or cooked cabbage and all kinds of raw vegetables and bagels and pretzels.

It is clear constipation is a major cause of weathering attacks the building behind the gas block, so to make us feel even worse. In extreme cases, constipation can cause severe headaches and even migraines too. That's all for my guide to what causes bloating in women. Good luck

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