Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Error Code 1000007e

Error Code 1000007e

The first message. Hello to everyone. :)

I'm not sure to have a real problem, and at this point, I do not know if I have a question, but it will either make people laugh, or get them to stop and think, or two.error code 1000007e

I got 600m from the end of January 2006, and I like it. Keeps wrists nice and warm, so I never carpal tunnel syndrome. I understand that the hot topic is simply a "feature", and go to live with it, but when the thermometer hit 50C small (or at least as much as 55C), I get nervous. It slows things down. I am going to try to add more memory (I currently have 512k), and perhaps a few other things, but I am convinced that everyone toasted the motherboard accordingly.error code 1000007e

However, since the beginning of April, I had four blue screens, three with the same code and parameters. The four cases occurred while the CD-DVD player / recorder was in use. (Belarc says it is a _NEC DVD +-RW ND-6650A, whatever that means.) The first time (with the same code, the various parameters), it proved to be the WMP plug-in (my daughter borrowed my laptop and played an audio CD while AOLing his heart). I disabled and I have not seen this particular error again.

These last three, however, two backups and re-installation of Microsoft Office (and the whole 'nother story for another day).error code 1000007e

Finally, when one of the 30 I sent an e-mail the warranty. And if it starts to become ... strange.

After sending the first mail, I had some time on my hands so I downloaded the Crash Analysis tool. The evaluation was wanatw4.sys and tfsnifs.sys. (Note, however, was that AOL runs only the first time - I do not use it.)

So the answer e-mail came. Ashish asked me to run the diagnostic utility, but the indications seem to have been exceeded. Yet it was obvious, and I went to both PSA and Test Express. He asked me to update my BIOS, but forgot to send a link. I sent him to "pass" results, and advised him to result from the Crash Analysis tool.

Shortly after I received an email from Sumeet, who advised me my hard drive went bad, but do not worry, he took care of him for me.

: Smileysurprised: error code 1000007e

Sumeet wrote back and asked how we were, "My computer freezes when using the CD player" is a "hard drive is bad"? error code 1000007e

28 hours later I was waiting for an answer, so I sent another email to express my dissatisfaction, which details the history and do (yet) an explanation.

Shortly after, he was contacted by a supervisor. He asked me to rerun the diagnosis, I had already done (with the extended test on this occasion) one hour before receiving their mail. Once again, everything has gone. I also downloaded Hitachi Drive Fitness Test c. Http: / / / hdd / support / download.htm # 4.6 Optimize, which also adopted. Belarc says my hard drive is "healthy." HDDlife is happy. I checked my BIOS and A17, which is the latest version.

Supervisor sent me this information, ask me and told me STOP error codes. They were in the original email, but after they brought along.

Then I received an email from Binoo. Binu informed me that his insurance plan would solve my problem and stop the blue screens. Sauter in the complicated form that asked me to do, he wanted me first to go into safe mode and perform a system restore (which does not say what date he wanted me to restore - you just say, "follow the cursor ") and after the restoration was irreversible, he wanted me to open the Recovery Console and do a chkdsk / r.

<insert cross-eyed, half-crazed looking emoticon here>

I answered and Binu ... Well, I'm a little ashamed of myself, but I told him he was crazy. I told him exactly what the procedure would be to my team and not be good. I asked him to return by email to your supervisor.

Instead, I answered and told me he was going to send me a box to pack my computer to a repair facility can fix the problem. error code 1000007e

I said no.

Now I already mentioned the two pilots. And when I found out later argues that there are more cases of Sonic DLA cause exactly this problem (google is my friend). I can not get on the site of Sonic - MediaBox is borked - but after much research, I found the DLA 5.2 Update (I 4.98) on the Dell website.

Now, I downloaded the update. But I also saw a post where someone else downloaded the update and ended with a crash on startup. However, this file has a release date of 4/30/2006, and his message was in January, so I hope that whatever was the problem was solved.error code 1000007e

I'm posting here because I want to hear the suggestions before you install the update, or do anything else. (Ok, I admit it - I needed to vent.) In addition to this problem, and the excessive heat, my computer works perfectly. This is not to say, have not had a fair number of questions, but it's Google, I solved all. I do not want to create a problem for me, and if you remove the entire Sonic is the answer, that what I do. (I have already removed most of the other preinstalled software.)

My kingdom for a response. I feel it is a long message, but the humor really lost in a shorter version error code 1000007e.

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