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Error Code 2000-0142

Error Code 2000-0142

My hard drive has failed with error code 2000-0142, I bought new and installed about 4 weeks. Everything was fine until I go and would not start, keep the bike asking if I wanted to start in safe mode or last good configuration but never commissioned.

I ran diagnostics and got an error code 2000-0142. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505. If you look at this code, all I found was that the hard drive failed.

Is this true? This is a new hard drive, and nothing happened to her, or last for that matter. Can something that makes my internal hard drives to fail?

Brand new hard disks can fail immediately or after short periods and long periods of time. Hard drives do not like to be shaken and because they contain electric motors that do not like changes to your diet.

It is not entirely clear how (and, of course, if that), as well as the original drive and has now completely failed. The current location can be errors in it, he would not even options to start in safe mode, etc. If you can not access the Windows partition was possible because the total failure of the hard drive.

This sounds much more like a poor or loose (data or power) cable / connector on the hard drive or even a bad power supply.

A disk has failed completely (or with food, inadequate or absent, etc.) do not appear in the BIOS setup, which is something you should check / verify with the original unit. I would check that all connections are good and tight (especially the SATA cables and all connections Molex IDE) and run a formal diagnosis on the hard disk with a utility available on most hard drive manufacturers "(not Dell to buy discs from other manufacturers) sites. error code 2000-0142

BTW, what brand and model is the hard drive?

People Hiya - I managed to correct the error.

I also had similar problem, where there is no reason for our Dell Vostro 1510 laptop just stopped working without warning, no sound, no bumps, no points and no other identifiable major reason for stop working.

Received a blue screen after it is able to start in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, or Safe Mode Command. error code 2000-0142

Blue screen came up with:

Error Code: 0142

error code message: 2000-0142

Message: HDD 1 - the status of self-test failed 79 =

Further diagnostic


Also received error messages at diagnosis, but the above seems to be the common theme of many of the problems of others.

After trawling through countless forums and numerous combinations of Google to search for information, no one seemed to be able to offer a solution for the operation of the machine can save the data.

This is what I did after putting together fragments of information from a number of sites and hours of frustration.

Put your OS disk in your CD / DVD

As the car starts - should be able to hit F2 or F12

Press the F12

This will give you the ability to boot from.

Select boot from CD / DVD

For me to download some files in Windows, and gave me the opportunity to install or repair Windows.

I chose to repair

I was then prompted for the admin password - typed in.

It will take you to a command prompt:




Press the ENTER

Once the team is complete and repair the hard drive, type exit and press ENTER to restart the laptop.

PRESTO laptop DELL stupid NOW start and is now all stored data.

I also found another command that could be tried if the above fails. Note, I did not have to, but after that here anyway.

At the command prompt - type FIXBOOT error code 2000-0142

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